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Friday 21 June, 2013 | RSS Feed

What is bonded NdFeB magnets?

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Sintered NdFeB magnet used is difficult to accurately formulated. Bonded NdFeB data is currently in various industries, access to common use areas of farewell, the manufacturing process is plays a vital key for the.

The third generation of rare earth NdFeB data can be divided in terms of production technology from the sintering process and bonding process, the size. At present, customers in the production, the product is required getting smaller, highly accurate, appearance is also required eight streaky, and has presented various shaped. But Bonded NdFeB technology can deal with this problem above, has this merit, machine manufacturing various kinds of appearance, widely used in various industries, but please note differences and divergent results on the bonding process the impact of the manufacturing process from the perspective of bonded NdFeB divided, roughly divided into two stages of milling and bonding. Bonded NdFeB magnetic powder manufacturing methods can be divided into rapid quenching, gas atomization, mechanical alloying. Primary bond is NdFeB powder and binder, which is a magnet special glue, mixed with other additives to scale, and then press repression, extrusion, calendering, injection molding and other methods.

Like the current small power motors used in almost Rhyme bonded NdFeB permanent magnet with a magnetic device manufactured according to customer rules shape molding. To allow the functions of bonded NdFeB permanent magnets can reach higher coherent, magnets experts bonding process research and improvement from time to time, to get a very good result.

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