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Tuesday 25 June, 2013 | RSS Feed

Analysis of weak magnetic separator selection principle and the

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Dry weak magnetic separator includes magnetic drum, also known as the pulley and the permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator two categories. Among them, the magnetic drum has two kinds of electromagnetic and permanent magnet materials. Since nearly 20 years of development, the rapid development of permanent magnetic drum, the processing granularity cap from 75mm to 350mm above development, the composition of the magnetic system from ferrite permanent magnet materials are also developed to using some of the rare earth-iron-boron magnetic rubidium wood composite magnetic system, using the whole composition of Nd-Fe-boron Magnets magnetic system, you can make magnetic pulley technical performance continues to increase.

In weak magnetic separator dry, because you can use U effects thrust, and the adaptation range is very wide, so the sorting iron has a very considerable technical advantage. For example Xinhai Machinery CTDG type bulk magnetic separator, and its excellent performance and manufacturing are called, has been in many large and small magnetite selected field has been applied. While others, such as CTG-type permanent magnet drum magnetic separator and LGC-type permanent magnet drum magnetic separator have been widely accepted.

In iron choose another throughout the process, we seek to simplify the structure of the magnetic separator, so that it can be installed directly on the conveyor belt in the head. Similarly, it can be configured into a single dry magnetic separator. Magnetic separation, the magnetic material will be moved to the drum with the top of the belt is adsorbed, go off automatically after the bottom of the non-magnetic material falls directly along the horizontal parabolic trajectory. Enhanced magnetic separator feed size can operate within the 350mm is currently achieve this breadth of the few a magnetic separator.

Weak magnetic separator sorting in iron's performance is its capability. In addition to magnetic sorting efficiency is very high, but also can be used when the machine is idle or other powdery substance after the installation of bulk handling mechanism for removing iron and other occasions, the application of iron materials.

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