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Monday 01 July, 2013 | RSS Feed

Radial sintered NdFeB magnetic ring

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Radial sintered NdFeB magnetic ring in ao magnet electronic can enhance the output charateristics and considerably reduce losing motor, it's excellent temperature stability, corrosion resistanceand Temporal stability ,and so forth, especially using for top pricisionmicro & special motor drive.

Radial Ndfeb ring magnets is developed effectively in line with the study of Sintered NdFeB rare earth permanent magnets in lots of years , and meets different needs of magnet servo motor, it's while using shaping method by new multipole radiation orientation, around the hypoxic conditions, it's with the investigate the arrangements of NdFeB materials adapt raidal ring, along with the phase structure, orientation developing, sintering and warmth course of treatment and study regarding magnetizing method.

The entire process of anisotropic sintered NdFeB radial ring is stablility through batch testing, and appropriate for industrial scale production, this innovative items attain the same items abroad advanced level. The items of the project could be broadly utilized in a myriad of magnet servo motor, step motor, tachogenerators, possess the amazing economic and social benefits.


1.The round shape allows greater precision in exterior dimensions.
2.Like a rotor, is capable of uniform magnetic density flux distribution.
3.Fastening the magnet is straightforward, enabling set up-related cost cutbacks.
4.Highly reliability because of enabling rotor construction from one magnet.
5.Optional magnetization, including free multiple magnetization, skew-type magnetization possible (Radial anisotropic magnet).
6.Can acquire sine surface inductive flux distribution (multi-pole oriented magnet).

hard magnetic ferrite

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Hard magnetic material NdFeB magnets are relatively soft magnetic material things. Is difficult magnetization demagnetization, and lengthy-term retention of magnetic ferrite, therefore, known as for permanent magnet materials, magnetic materials. The primary magnetic hexagonal-type very, an average associated with barium ferrite BaFe12O19 (also called barium sulfate, barium porcelain constant magnetic area), and strontium ferrite SrFe12O19 like. Hard magnetic ferrite is really a hard Alnico magnetic metal material second hard magnetic material. It seems not just save lots of nickel, cobalt proper materials, and difficult magnetic materials in high frequency programs has opened up up new avenues. Broadly utilized in the data industry, motorcycles, tools, automotive, medical, mining, metallurgy, industrial automation and control, oil and, civil along with other industries.

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