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Friday 05 July, 2013 | RSS Feed

Artificial magnet is it?

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Artificial Magnets: divided horseshoe magnets and bar magnets, the most typical is the fact that we reside in, in which the popular horseshoe magnet. Means along side it of merely one magnet magnetic magnets weak magnetism other part, the technique is given a unique double-on the sides gal steel side magnets package, also it was wrapped side from the magnetic is going to be masked to another side is refracted pressure, other part from the magnetically enhanced. When the occasion requires only one for reds is magnetic, sleep issues could cause damage or any magnetic interference some occasions, like a magnet around the box side magnetic just have one for reds and dispensable, there's no utilization of magnetic, such single-on the sides magnet will help reduce costs and conserve magnetic materials. Like single-on the sides magnet magnetic refraction refraction from the signal satellite pot or pan torch light refraction of sunshine, its refraction effect is principally based on the next three aspects:

1 material: material selection and thickness, along with the spacing from the magnet and also the material includes a close relationship.

2. Position: According refraction, curved material is most effective material refraction position bigger loss.

3. Space: the magnetic area lines in mid-air because the mobile phone signal, you must have space to refracted. Torch lamp pot as completely covered with, make use of the effects can be harmful, because you will find lots of light refraction is loss.

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